331 hemi extended bellhousing

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331 hemi extended bellhousing

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Last month, we began the buildup of what is certainly the most overlooked of all the Chrysler Hemis-a with the extended bellhousing.

Made from ', these engines have been pretty much ignored, which means they are usually cheap as far as Hemis go. The larger and certainly have more performance potential-and the long-block extension can be an issue when adapting a contemporary automatic transmission-but we're building a driver, so the smaller displacement isn't an issue. The extended bellhousing actually works great with a simple flat adapter that will allow us to bolt up the four-speed transmission we want to use, and we got the engine for next to nothing-this was the Hemi for us.

Last month, we followed along as John Beck at Pro Machine assembled the short-block.

331 hemi extended bellhousing

This time around, we're going to look at the finishing details and some of the special features of these engines. The use of later Mopar hydraulic lifters is one of the parts substitutions that is often made in early Hemis. While the diameter is correct, they are. But, in general, adjustable pushrods are a good idea if adjustable rockers aren't used.

Decked blocks, milled heads, and reground cams can all impact rocker-arm geometry, and adjustable pushrods can compensate for them.

Diameter is another consideration in addition to length when substituting pushrods. Larger-than-stock-diameter pushrods will require drilling oversize holes in the head. There are basically three choices when it comes to rocker arms: stock non-adjustable, factory adjustable, or aftermarket adjustable rollers like those from Hot Heads.

We had a good set of non-adjustables so we had them rebuilt with new shafts and bushed rockers.


The answer here it to install water lines in the tapped holes that align with the water jackets between cylinders 1 and 3, and 2 and 4. In addition to stock dimension shafts, Hot Heads has custom lengths available to allow the use of a variety of distributors, including the late-Mopar electronic style. The combination we used included a stock shaft and an MSD ready-to-run distributor. Spark-Plug Tubes There were three different spark-plug tubes used in Hemis and they can be found in steel or aluminum.

These tubes were considered consumable items and were to be used without spark-plug washers. With stock valve covers, the spark-plug wire covers should always be used, as they served three functions: They hid the wires, kept water out of the tubes, and pushed down on the metal rings to help seal the rubber gaskets to the rocker covers to prevent oil leaks. On this engine, we're going with Hot Heads aluminum rocker covers that use seals that fit into the spark-plug holes.

Gaskets You probably won't find gaskets for Hemis, or most other vintage engines, at your local parts house. Our complete set, including a modern lip seal for the rear main cap, came from Best Gasket. Fly Wheel Chrysler must have had an engineer who spent all day long figuring out how to do things differently than everyone else. To that end, the Hemi crankshaft flanges were not tapped for capscrews, rather bolts were used. But not just any bolts, Chrysler bolts have special heads that fit into a recess cut in the flywheel.

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We used a steel truck flywheel that accepts an inch clutch. Starter Hemis will be found with either six- or volt starters, and they will interchange.

However, the number of teeth on the ring gear will complicate things when swapping-the tooth count was from actually all the way back tobut it was for and Chrysler changed to volts inand that year had a unique starter, as it's the only volt starter that is compatible with a tooth ring gear.

At one time, that one-year starter was the only one to retrofit a six-volt engine with a volt starter.I am selling my c. Its a with the extended bellhousing. Original tranny still attached. Engine will need a complete overhaul, but is all there and all original. I do have a few extra misc parts you can have too, including a brand new chrome set of valve covers. This is the Chrysler fire power model, everyone knows that the firepower is the biggest of the 3 first gen hemi motors. Sixzerozero7 you must be willing to pick up in Youngstown by as I do not deliver.

Calls or texts only as I absolutely never open my email. I hate to sell it but have too many projects and need to down size. Thanks for looking.

Area code btw.

Ford 289 V-8 engine time-lapse rebuild (Fairlane, Mustang, GT350) - Redline Rebuild - S2E1

It does turn over with ease. I do have a few extra misc parts you can have too, including a brand new chrome set of v Block however has to be sleeved to be usable. Block NEBare heads have been crack checked, assembled heads have no For sale new hemi parts,P.

Hemi complete but short block is stuck. Motor is complete with trans. Very cool for a hot rod or rat rod. Call Howard for information after 5pm weekdays or anytime weekends. My Location. Similar Items - hemi c.

331 hemi extended bellhousing

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The H. I was wondering if anyone has instructions on how to machine off the extended bell of my Hemi? I am going to tear it down and put in new rings and bearings anyway, so I thought I might be better served by doing that than purchasing and adapter.

I just need to figure out what I should tell the machine shop to do and my best bet. Any thoughts you might have is appreciated! If you cut off the bellhousing, how do you intend to mount and attach the transmission???? Do a search, there's a bunch of Hemi Tech threads, one of them covers the bellhousing issue RuinerMar 12, Drill and tap to the block. KerryMar 13, Walton Bch. My understanding is GeorgeMar 13, ELpolackoMar 13, Please stop posting suggestions George.

Have you ever seen an extended bell housing HEMI in person? You obvioulsy have not tried this and are making suggestions based on rumor and inuendo.

It seems apparant you do not have a long bell HEMI at your disposal or have any experience with them. If you did you would not be suggesting this. I have two long bells.

What's the problem with leaving it the way it is?The build was beyond my expectations in every way Your attention to detail borders on obsession or is that a passion for your love of all things HEMI. The Hemi started and ran flawlessly!! I am the proud owner of a "Hemihaines" built engine. A Eddie Haines Hemi will exceed your expectations!!!! I highly recommend Eddie Haines This is a Hemi from a Imperial that I restored back in It is a museum quality restoration.

This is a customers that has been rebuilt by Hemihaines. It is running in this picture and going through the cam break in period.

331 hemi extended bellhousing

Note the boat headers. This is a customers six-pac Hemi. Note the Joe Hunt Magneto in the rear. Those are adapters on the water inlet and water pump. This block has been ground smooth. This gives a totally different appearance when painted. Here at Hemihaines I give the customer exactly what they want. This shot shows the three two barrel carbs.

This system was built by Larry Fulton at hotrodcarbs. Check out the original Mickey Thompson valve covers from the 60's. This is how the magneto looks when properly wired.

Larry Fulton at carbdude Hotrodcarbs. Personally, I feel these are the best engineered carbs and the quality is second to none. Great customer service also.

331 hemi extended bellhousing

He is to be on your must buy from list! This is a 56' Fuel injected Hemi. It is going through the camshaft break-in process.Thank you for your inquiry about our engine to transmission adapters for Early Hemi and Poly engines. We currently have several types in production for these engines. We've been making Early Hemi adapters longer than anyone else in the business and there are more "Wilcap" adapters behind Early Hemis than any other brand.

It comes drilled with the Chevrolet Bell housing bolt pattern. This adapter kit contains the adapter plate, a crank hub spacer and a flex plate.

Available with billet steel or aluminum flywheel Product Sheet Download. For the Chrysler A Torqueflite i.


It consists of an adapter plate, a crankshaft hub spacer and a flex plate or flywheel. This adapter is 1 inch thick and uses the late model Chrysler V8 starter that bolts to the transmission in the stock location. We have been manufacturing this one since the mid sixties. Manual Transmission version for A with Small Block bellhousing.

Availble with steel or aluminum flywheel. Product Sheet Download. You can download the product sheet here:. This adapter uses a modified small block Chrysler transmission case.

Itel a11 nv file download

No modification of the block is needed. The three choices for installation are: Send us your transmission assembled or case and front pump onlysend us your transmission front pump, or we'll send you the adapter only. Adapter includes complete instructions for modification of your transmission and for alignment of the adapter to your transmission, flexplate, hub spacer, and fasteners.

Includes flexplate.

Chrysler 331 Hemi - Affordable Excellence: Part II

Uses stock or aftermarket starter. The BH adapts the Chrysler Extended Block to the Chevy "Muncie" transmission bolt pattern and is designed to use your stock flywheel and starter and a hydraulic throw-out bearing.

Comes complete with fasteners, instructions, and pilot bearing adapter. Uses Stock flywheel. The adapter moves the starter to the passenger side. The original starter plate is required or equivalent. Includes the pilot bearing adapter and fasteners. We can supply the correct pressure plate and clutch disk for this adapter.

Critical little part! Forces all of the oil through the filter instead of allowing a significant portion to bypass the filter. Replaces the original bypass valve located under the rear main cap.

Chrysler, also called an extended block. The extended block has a round pattern that is similar to an S. One word of advise; don't lose the starter housing as it can be tough to find.

And while you can bolt a LA bellhousing up to the early Hemi, there's a lot of grief involved in getting it right and even more if you don't.Its compact size, availability of inexpensive performance parts, and power potential made it an easy choice. These simple facts make it the go-to choice for thousands of other car builders as well. Times change, and although the small-block Chevy has not lost its luster, the thought of building a traditionally styled, open hood hot rod with this proven power plant just seemed to destine the project to look like so many others.

The decision was made to build a vintage engine, incorporating some traditional speed parts as well as some newly reproduced and freshly engineered pieces. For this project, we were less interested in all-out performance as much as we wanted a solid, reliable engine that looked good, ran well on regular gas, and offered good performance even with thousands of road miles under its belt.

In short order, our focus shifted to building an early Hemi engine. The Chrysler Hemi engine has become legendary to most racing enthusiasts. Its hemispherical design combustion chamber increased the volumetric and thermal efficiency while a low surface-to-volume ratio minimized power loss due to combustion chamber deposits.

Chrysler did not invent the Hemi; in fact, the design dates back to the birth of the automobile when it was deemed too difficult to mass produce. It was seen again later in the development of a V aircraft engine. After the war, Chrysler engineers went to work developing a more compact version of their Hemi design, with the direction from management it should be built to enduremiles before any service.

This was a real milestone. Chrysler unveiled its new Hemi V-8 in the fall of for availability in the model year, producing horsepower and ft. Improved flow, increased compression, and more aggressive camshaft design woke this giant to take its rightful place in racing history. Chrysler shared their new design with their DeSoto and Dodge divisions, although the similarity ended there.

Like their cars, the DeSoto design was smaller than the Chrysler, and the Dodge design was smaller yet. In our research, many were quick to point out the more popular Chrysler was more expensive to buy, and the DeSoto would be more expensive to build due to its rarity as a hot rod mill. This would apply if our plans were to build an all-out performance engine. With somewhat milder intentions, the buildup expenses were fairly comparable with the only exceptions being intake manifolds and camshafts.

After searching online, through local sources, and friends for a few weeks, We discovered an early ci DeSoto Hemi resting in a field in North Dakota. Even though the engine was stuck, the air cleaner was still in place and there was no sign of water in the oil, assuring this could be a good bet for a rebuild.

Returning home with the Hemi, we tore into it likes kids on Christmas. Soon it was a bare block, and our gamble had paid off. The inside was fairly clean with only a little corrosion in a couple of the cylinders and one slightly worn rod bearing journal.

Soon after, we received the call that everything checked out, and we were ready to proceed. As a one-stop shop for early Hemi parts, a host of other parts were also sourced from Hot Heads see sidebar that would guarantee performance and reliability. Armed with the measurements from the engine shop, we were prepared to order the cam, rod, and main bearings as well as the valves and lifters.

The main bearing journals cleaned up with a. All of the valves were candidates for replacement, and combating the effects of unleaded gas required stainless steel exhaust valves.

Egge Machine Company had everything we needed to get the job done. This comes as no surprise to vintage engine enthusiasts, as Egge is always an excellent source for hard-to-find rebuild parts for older engines. Stock replacement, low-compression pistons are readily available. We contacted Ross Racing Pistons to build a set of compression forged aluminum pistons for this DeSoto.

These rings are proven performers in a wide range of mid- to high-compression engines, as well as mildly boosted applications.By gunnibroncoNovember 28, in PD24 Forum. I'm hoping to get some advice on some heads I have a chance to buy. I'm not an expert and trying to buy good parts at good price for a long term build. I have a 39 P8 coupe I will be building.

I've had the car for a while but life has gotten in the way of my build. Over the last few years I have bought 2 extended bell housing s. Both disassembled. Both motors have a set of early heads with rockers. I have one set of exhaust manifolds. One motor came with a ceramic coated Weiand 2x4 intake with carter carbs no tstat in manifold.

One motor came with a 4bbl factory intake manifold tstat in manifold. I expect I will bore the block out. I'd like to go up to the bore size, assuming one of my blocks is solid enough.

From what I've read the early heads don't flow well. I'm guessing that both the 4bbl and the Weiand 2x4 would outflow the heads.

I've found someone selling several sets of heads, rockers, and exhaust manifolds. He has a single head casting These numbers don't match what I've found on line. Are they better than my heads? He also has what appears to be 3x heads castings Would these be a good head for my motor? The prices seem fair but they are a long drive away 4 hours each way. I don't know what to look for and really don't want to drive that far if it's not what I want.

Have you been in touch with Hot Heads? Actually Don't believe you can bore a block to but i could be wrong check with machine shop. I've read if the block is sonic tested it can be done.


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